Small Group Discussion Questions

Morning Breakout

          • What are some top things you are hoping to learn about or gain today?

          • What would you like to learn about the relationship between soil moisture and wildfire?

          • What are your main sources for information on current wildfire danger conditions?

          • What are your main sources for information on current soil moisture conditions?


Afternoon Breakout

          • What is something interesting that you learned today?

          • What are some opportunities for soil moisture monitoring and modeling to benefit applied fire modeling and fire danger rating?

          • What are some of the main obstacles?

          • What are some next steps you would like to take in response to the things you heard or the people you met today?

          • What is the best format for decision-making related to fire management (data types, maps, etc.)?

          • What time interval of fire risk (or soil moisture information) is most helpful/feasible to support decision making and risk assessment (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.)?

          • What is the most appropriate spatial resolution of information for stakeholders?